We have participated in two eTwinning projects so far:

167845bfaa537db099e0a3b4391abda8 this project focused on something that teenagers are interested in most – music. Not everyone likes History, Maths, Biology etc. But there is probably not a single high school student who would say they don’t listen to any music at all. Hence the idea – a project about popular music. It’s major aim was to develop and improve students’ language competence through various tasks focusing on music. Students were looking at music from different perspectives bearing in mind the connections music makes between people.

Our project partners were:
Valmieras Valsts ģimnāzija, Valmiera, Latvia
Bessenyei György Gimnázium és Kollégium, Kisvárda Hungary
Colegiul „Henri Coandă”, Bacau, Romania

wordle membersTWINSPACE – our virtual meeting spot:


CULTURE TO LIVE TOGETHER – Wrocław & San Sebastian 2016


The aim of this project was to build a cultural bridge between the two cultural capitals in 2016, Wrocław and San Sebastian (Spain).
In the first part of the project students got to know each other so that they could interact with confidence throughout the whole project. They got in touch with each other and tried to learn as much about the other person as possible. Interaction outside the classroom was also encouraged.
In the second part, students from both countries made videos introducing their hometown, everyday life and gastronomy. In the project 3 videos were made and students were requested to comment on all the shared content.
It was also very important that apart from learning about a different culture, we tried to broaden the students’ horizons by raising awareness about social issues in Europe/the whole world. In order to achieve this, students had a ‚challenge’ every week which included posting and commenting on visual contents related to a given social issue.
Our major virtual meeting space and channel of communication was our project Facebook group.

Our project partner was:
Hirukide Eskolapioak, Tolosa, Spain

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